About US

Galaxyartgroup offers unique and fun-filled  drama programs used across the bayarea to help children and young adults develop:

All of our Drama Kids classes and summer camps apply a creative, unique, fun, and imaginative drama curriculum
developed over 12 years that ensure all students will fully participate and benefit from every group.
Most Drama Kids classes offer open enrollment during most of the year, and are located at convenient locations around the community.
In the bay area, we have four locations:

  • Fremont
  • North San Jose
  • Cupertino 
  • Dublin

Special parent days and regular showtime opportunities are provided to gain performance experience and bask in the applause for efforts well done.
All of this is provided by skillful, caring teachers who are fully trained in our program and are focused on providing individualized
attention and positive reinforcement to each student.

We have famous annual public performance show in formal theater, which is specifically popular in Chinese Community. 

There are listed  a few performance event:



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